Can I collate printing in Adobe Reader 7?

  Jonathan314159 12:58 18 Jan 06

I can't see an option within Adobe when printing a multi page document to collate it. ie if I want 10 copies of something it prints 10 page 1s, then 10 page 2s etc.

Obviously there is a manual work around (ie hit the print button 10 times)

  €dstowe 13:49 18 Jan 06

On the "Print" page under "Page Handling" you can select the number of copies.

  PaulB2005 13:50 18 Jan 06

and then tick the collate button.

  Jonathan314159 14:03 18 Jan 06

For some reason I couldn't see what was under my nose!

But the strange thing is that it makes no difference whether I check the collate button or not, I still get all the page 1s together etc.

  PaulB2005 14:07 18 Jan 06

Not to worry neither did i until €dstowe pointed out the Page Handling bit....

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