can i change doctors

  patchboy 19:38 05 Jan 05

hello i seem to have become a patient of a Doctor Watson who does a bit odebugging and a few postmortems i dont want to know what he is or what he does i just want him gone how do i get shut he is there as soon as i go into my pictures, i dont do alot on the comp a bit of photo editing surfing and the like but am not techno minded and one little hobby i seem to enjoy is going to end in the bin PLEASE HELP but remember the answers must be in the idiot format the only thing i have downloaded lately is msn messenger 7 beta varsion but have took the stsyem restore back by 5 months and still mr bloody Watson is there once again help THANKS

  octal 19:41 05 Jan 05

You might get more replies by post this in the Helproom click here

You'll have to tell them what operating system you are using, Windows XP, Windows 98?

  octal 19:44 05 Jan 05

I'm terribly sorry, you're already in Helproom, my fault, I had two tabs open thinking one of them was Speakers corner, still what OS are you using?

  patchboy 19:51 05 Jan 05

hi i am running xp have had sp2 for about 2 months now but this problem has only showed up in the last week

  ACOLYTE 19:54 05 Jan 05

He will onlt show his head when there as been an error in a program if it has stoped responding or gemerated an exeption fault,so if you have had these the problem lies with the app,you could check the error log and see what program made the doctor appear.

  Graham ® 20:01 05 Jan 05

To see what the doctor is on about, Start, Run,
drwtsn32, OK. Highlight an error and click View.

  patchboy 20:38 05 Jan 05

thanks have just done the start run thing and this is what is says a log file path, a crash dump path, number of errors to save 10, then the circle marked mini is highlighted, then at the bottom where it says application errors there is nothing and as such the view button is greyed out sorry hope this makes more sence to you than it does to me thanks for your help so far

  Graham ® 20:47 05 Jan 05

In Dr Watson, in the Options box, clear the Visual Notification box.

  patchboy 21:36 05 Jan 05

thanks again graham the visual notification box is unchecked the only three boxes with checkmarks in are dump all thread contexts, append to existing log file & create crash dump file

  Graham ® 22:02 05 Jan 05

I think you need help from higher up! From googling it may be a symptom of malware/virus/hijacker. This will boot you into peak viewing time.

  accord 22:36 05 Jan 05

what anti virus, firewall software do you have?

Do you have any spyware software installed ie adaware, spy-bot?

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