Can I burn to 48x discs on 52x52x Cdrecorder

  covers 10:20 22 May 04

Will this just be a tad slower. thanks in advance to all.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 10:27 22 May 04

It should work just fine.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:43 22 May 04

I burn 48x discs onto a 24x recorder.


  keith-236785 11:14 22 May 04

you will have to reduce the burn speed slightly, it may work but then again, you may end up with a lot of useless cd's.

try reducing the burn speed to 32x or 48x, its fast enough for burning cd's. the slower the burn the more chance of it being 100% right.

higher speeds can cause bad writes.

  Stuartli 12:37 22 May 04

If you use Nero you can set the burning speed as required.

It is, as suggested, always better to burn at a slightly lower speed than the CD-R or CD-RW is capable or rated, but it's unlikely you would have any problems with a 48x disk even if you burned it at 52x.

However, using your rewriter at lower burning speeds will also enhance its longevity and reliability potential.

Remember the entire technology has been the result of continuous development of what was originally a 1x speed unit intended to reproduce music CDs.

  Stuartli 14:14 22 May 04

That's OK - problems would arise if you tried to reverse the scenario i.e. exceed the disk's speed rating, such as burning a 10X CD-R at 32, 48 or 52x.

Even then it's been done....;_)

I've once or twice, for instance, forgotten to drop the maximum speed of my 24x write rewriter to match some 12x Philips CD-Rs and they've come up trumps.

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