Can I block emails using "Received: From"

  montyburns 18:17 01 Jul 06

Trying to block spammy emails (using Outlook Express) which have a variety of sender's addresses. If I block using these, it doesn't work as the addresses keep changing

Can you use the "Received: From" as seen in the email properties?

The ones I'm getting are consistently from

Any ideas?

  MAJ 18:59 01 Jul 06

If I remember correctly, it's not possible to block a domain in OE, anyway the domain probably changes as well, montyburns. Probably the best thing to do is use something like Mailwasher click here or ePrompter click here to vet the incoming emails. At least using one of those utilities, you wont have to download the emails to your computer before deleting. Those utilities sit between your email server and your computer, letting you know what emails are waiting to download hence letting you decide whether to download or delete them from the server, they can also be flagged up for deletion by adding them (and their domains) to the block senders list. Not an optimum solution I'm afraid but it works well.

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