Can I ban a user by I.P. address in outlook?

  acemark 15:55 14 Mar 04

I've been recieving e-mails with the "netsky" virus attached, from the same I.P. address, but with different signatures (ie: [email protected], or: [email protected] ).
Does anyone know how I can stop this vile creature from sending me these e mails?
I blocked him with the "block sender" option, but he's obviously just sending with a different user address each time.
It all started with a "spoof" e mail (from his I.P. add, relating to my E-Bay "billing details need updating", which I, obviously, did'nt respond too. Seems he's trying to infect me as a result!!
It worries me somewhat that this swine has MY I.P. address, which I assume he picked up from E-Bay? Or, is it possible he's attempting to get it by goading me into responding to one of his mails? Like I'm REALLY going to do that!!
Anyone have any thoughts or ideas?

  Indigo 1 16:01 14 Mar 04
  Diodorus Siculus 16:04 14 Mar 04

Try mailwasher which will tell you if a virus is attached; it will then mark it for deleting.

I cant see how he has got your IP address - it changes each time you log on and even if you have broadband your IP address should change every week/ten days or so. (Unless you have a static address but then they cost more)

So long as your AV is up to date there is little you can do - the only alternative is to try Mailwasher which allows you to "Bounce" emails back to the sender straight from your server without downloading them, thereby making your email adress seem invalid.

You type quicker!

  tbh72 16:08 14 Mar 04

In OE you can add domains to the blocked senders list in the form of 'mysite . co . uk' no spaces. To access the block senders list click on the tools / message rules / blocked senders list.

You could try an add the ip address 'xxx . xxx . xxx . xxx' no spaces and see if it works. I have never tried an IP address but it would certainly be good if it did work.

  acemark 16:10 14 Mar 04

Thanks folks, I feel better already ;-)
I sent my ISP a mail yesterday, so hopefully, they can sort him out tomorrow (he's on the same network as me) I've saved the mails that he sent me in case they need some evidence.
My AV picked up the virus when I saved the files, luckilly I had recently updated it.
Might give mailwasher a try too

  Diodorus Siculus 16:10 14 Mar 04

Smiffy99 - maybe, but think slower!

  acemark 16:15 14 Mar 04

I'd like to, at least try, to get this person banned, nicked or summat.
There's a few folks out there that will get caught out by his dodgy dealings, so I'd really like to stuff him somehow!

  bremner 16:17 14 Mar 04

Before you accuse someone who may be innocent see this thread click here and be aware that many of us are suffering by receiving countless returned e mails we have no knowledge of.

If only everyone had up to date anti virus programs then this type of problem would not be so prevelent.

  acemark 16:20 14 Mar 04

Yes Bremner, you are, of course, absolutly correct, bearing in mind what Indigo 1 states before.

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