Can I add SATA Internal & PATA external Drives ?

  Furkin 11:23 29 Aug 08

ACER T120 - XP Pro SP3 – 2gb ram – KT/KM40 Mobo.

I want to add an external HDD to my system. It currently has 2 HDDs: Seagate 120gb C: and WD 40gb D: - both IDE/PATA.
I was about to go down the SATA route & get a 500gb drive + eSATA PCI Card + eSATA case.
Now I would prefer to have the bigger / new SATA drive as my internal C: & use my existing 120g PATA as External (& if poss leave the WD 40g as a slave)
I was told by a friend that I can’t do this – it just isn’t possible – but I can’t see why !

1/ Can I put a SATA as Internal drive C: (via PCI Sata card) and utilise my 120g PATA as an external ?

2/ Will my mobo/bios allow booting from a PCI card ?

3/ Do I have to have 2 (or 3) of the same type (SATA or PATA) to make things work ?

4/ If I really have to, I s’pose I could get 2 SATA drives – a big one for C: & a smaller (cheaper) one for external,,,, but I like to utilise what I already have if I can.

Any help, advice or opinions appreciated – but bear in mind that as I’m disabled, my budget is pretty limited, but if I can ‘future proof’ my system, then I want to try

Thanks for reading this

  Ditch999 16:12 29 Aug 08

1/ No. Your BIOS will probably not recognise SATA as a boot option.

2/ Doubtful, but you could go in to it and see what your options are for booting. If it list SCSI or SATA it may be possible but I wouldn't count on it.

3/ No. You can mix them, you just need a PATA drive to boot from. The SATA drive would have to be used as additional storage via a PCI card.

Your best option IMHO would be leave the 120GB drive as it is (C: drive with OS) and add another 500GB PATA as a slave, removing the old 40GB WD one.

  Ditch999 16:17 29 Aug 08

A WD Caviar SE16 500GB (Part Code WD500AAKB) is nearly as fast as a SATA drive and costs less than £55 click here

  GaT7 18:26 29 Aug 08

Yes, but dependent on motherboard & BIOS as you realise...

Yes, if you use a SATA PCI card (click here) & CAN SET the system to boot from the PCI card/SATA drive in the BIOS.

What boot options does the BIOS have?

If it can (boot from the PCI/SATA), you'll need to do a fresh install of Windows on the SATA drive. You have the original disk & product key don't you?

If it cannot, you can always use the drive for extra storage. You can get a 500Gb SATA II drive for ~35-40 these days.

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