Can I add a 3rd HD to my PC?

  jamesy74 09:05 26 Apr 05

At the moment I have 4 IDE drives on my PC.

Many thanks.

  wx622 09:13 26 Apr 05

Do you have sata ports on you m/b? If so you can install a sata HDD. Or if you have a PCI slot free, you can buy a PCI sata interface card.

  TomJerry 09:35 26 Apr 05

S-ATA IDE PCI controller: £10.77 click here

ATA IDE PCI controller £12.99 click here

  seedie 09:37 26 Apr 05

Did you mean 4 IDE channels?
Go on why not. I've got 3 drives in caddies so I can slot them in and out, works a treat.


  Catastrophe 09:39 26 Apr 05

wx622 is correct. I have one computer with 4 HDDs and you can add 2 more devices with each PCI IDE card. Also you could use up to 7 SCSI devices. Of course you would need some power supply.

Bit dated now, but I had a backup tower with 4 additional SCSI HDDs and 2 CD/DVD devices running off a separate power supply (in second tower).

Incidentally I broke the IDE connector on one motherboard and it is working on nothing but two IDE cards. No problems.

  jamesy74 10:38 26 Apr 05

Hi guys,

I actually have the HD at the moment. its just the normal one I have. My mobo is quite new its a ASUS A7N8X. Hopefulluy this help, thanks.

  ventanas 11:05 26 Apr 05

You could buy one of these click here and use your drive externally. They work fine for me.

  ventanas 11:06 26 Apr 05

Sorry, I meant to add - click on the Disc Enclosures item.

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