Can I add 2 No. USB2 ports to my Toshiba 2410 Lap

The Toshiba has 3no. USB1 ports fitted. I'd like to add 2 No. USB2 ports but don't know how to goabout it. There are two vacant card expansion slot that can accommodate two 5mm Type II cards or one 10.5mm Type III card. The Web says I can buy 2-port USB2 cardbus card to slot into one of the card slots, but nowit's getting confusing. The Toshiba manual talks of using "16-bit PC cards, including PC card 16's multifunction card and Cardbus PC cards. Cardbus supports the new standard of 32-bit PC cards". If I buy a 32-bit Cardbus card will it be recognised by the the expansion port? Am I on the right track please? Thanks Septic

  AL D. 15:17 02 Mar 04

just a suggestion.why not just buy a usb2 hub as i did (4 port)for £15. much easier.

  AL D. 15:20 02 Mar 04

Sorry, just read your post with both eyes this time, and noticed you only have usb1 onboard your laptop.

  JerryJay 15:27 02 Mar 04

Ebuyer 2 Port Hi-speed USB 2.0 Cardbus Pcmcia Adapter only cost £12.92 click here. see users comments there to see any good or not.

  Stuartli 15:27 02 Mar 04

USB 2.0 is backwards compatible with 1.1 so there will be no problem and it would be futureproofing as well.

If you get a hub - the easiest method and there are many very small four port versions around that owuld complement your laptop - make sure that it is the powered type.

  JerryJay 15:35 02 Mar 04

Stuartli, BigEarsSeptic got no USB 2.0 port to start with.

A big thank you to everyone who has replied. I'll try to the Ebuyer PCMCIA Cardbus and see how I get on. After all, the wife can only kill me once

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