Can i access the recycle bin thro DOS

  Neil-321636 09:08 05 Jun 03

A friend of mine (no not me !) has deleted some system file and I was wondering if they can be restored using DOS as this might rectify the problem. Anyone know how?

  Lú-tzé 12:09 05 Jun 03

I don't know how, but why not try a reinstall of windows over the current installation - in theory it should not cause any more problems.

Having said that, what is your OS?

If win98 try (from DOS prompt)


[if you have a default installation of Windows]



[this will get you a directory listing of the recycle bin]

[then if the file is there]

xcopy c:\recycled filename.ext c:\windows\system

If you have an understanding of DOS, then adapt the above as necessary. The square brackets are for info only - do not type them. Replace filename.ext with the name of the file and its extension. Where you copy to will depend on where it came from - by default I said c:\windows\system

I am not 100% sure of these commands - it is a while ago since I used them and it is easier to do it in person.

  Lú-tzé 12:11 05 Jun 03

the above should read


not cd cd\recycled

  graham√ 12:12 05 Jun 03

If available on the system, try System Restore.

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