can (eg) translate "english" tags


I am about to create a site for a company trading in Spain. The line of business in Solar Energy. We are trying for traffic from both the Spanish and expat English.
Eventually I am looking at having half the site in Spanish and the other half in English but for now I would like to get things cracking with just English text etc.
The question is if a search was carried out in for say "energia solar Tarragona" would google be able to recognise my title tags e.g. written in English in this case "solar energy Tarragona" and bring up the site in the rankings as is it was written in Spanish.
My instinct tells me it would not and I would have to have Spanish text.
Many thanks
Tom S

  Kemistri 02 Feb 09

Firstly, I hope that you are arranging hosting that is located in Spain. Because that will be very important. operates like most non-English localised Googles by offering two localisation options instead of's one. The first option finds pages in Spanish from anywhere in the world while the second option finds pages from Spanish-based servers only.

In any case, the keywords will not be subject to translation: so Spanish keywords will tend to result in Spanish-language pages, with a smattering of other pages that happen to contain those keywords in Spanish, and English keywords will deliver the opposite. click here for an example.

Your client will benefit if you get your translator on board ASAP.

  peter savoy 18 Aug 10

[url=click here]spanish translation[/url]

  peter savoy 18 Aug 10

Thanks for sharing that. <a href="click here">spanish translation</a>


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