Can connect to network, but not internet

  jacobncfc 20:33 12 Apr 06


On my PC i can connect to the wireless network without any hassle, but the internet still doesn't work. It works without any jip at all in the laptop, but on the computer it cannot connect for some reason, i'm using a Belkin 54G router, Belkin Network Adapter and NTL Broadband Cable Modem

Any Ideas?

Much Appreciated!

  recap 22:18 12 Apr 06

I think I would purchase a Router/Modem for this set up, and remove the NTL Modem.

  ade.h 23:00 12 Apr 06

But NTL is a cable service, not ADSL. Therefore it needs its own proprietary ethernet modem and uses the PPoverEthernet protocol rather than ADSL's PPoverATM. For cable services, you must use a router without a modem component. Modem/routers are only for ADSL users.

  ade.h 23:06 12 Apr 06

We need more info:

Is the problematic PC a desktop or laptop?

What OS does it use?

What adapter does it use? We need the make, model number, configuration (software-controlled or driver-only) and interface type (PCI, PCMCIA, etc.)

What firewall does the problem PC have? Is it configured to allow internet communications over the LAN adapter?

Does the Connections tab of Internet Options have either: (a) a mark next to "never dial a connection" or (b) no connections listed and options greyed out?

  mgmcc 08:49 13 Apr 06

<<< But NTL is a cable service, not ADSL. Therefore it needs its own proprietary ethernet modem and uses the PPoverEthernet protocol rather than ADSL's PPoverATM. >>>

Actually it doesn't use PPPoE either, it doesn't connect with a Point-to-Point Protocol. It is a "direct" network connection, no different from plugging a PC into a home router - plug in and you are online. There is no connection to establish and no Username/Password to enter.

  mgmcc 08:57 13 Apr 06

Have you got the correct type of router - a stand-alone "Cable/DSL" router - and is it connected properly, with an ethernet cable from its WAN port to the cable modem and the computers connecting either to one of its LAN ports or wirelessly?

Does each PC get an IP address from the router in the range? This is important because, if the PC you are online with is getting the IP address allocated by the ISP, then you have connected the cable modem to a LAN port and the router is functioning as a network switch.

  ade.h 18:42 13 Apr 06

Okay, I stand corrected - as I don't live in acable area, I don't get to see them first hand - but it still needs its own modem nonetheless. Therefore the poster has to keep his, which was the point of my post.

  mgmcc 21:30 13 Apr 06

My message was intended to be informative, not critical, and I hope it didn't come across as a criticism as that wasn't intended.

  ade.h 22:07 13 Apr 06

No, that's okay, I didn't read any criticism in it.

  keewaa 09:06 14 Apr 06

In addition to the questions raised above ....

Prime suspect is a software firewall ... try disabling it on the PC to test this.

When you say the PC is connected to the wireless network have you actually manually selected the network and connected or are you just going by what it says on the taskbar icon ?

Is there any wireless security running.

  Nazzarenu Boy 11:54 01 Jul 06


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