Can' Change MS Word 2003 Template

I do not seem to be able to change settings in my Word doucument template "" and have the changes stick. Something as minor as changing the default font doesn't work. When I open the file Arial is the default. If I change the font to Times New Roman via any source "format", toolbar, etc) and then Save and close the document, it is back to Arial when I open it next time. I don't want automatic bullets and numbering but they seem to reappear. I can be in the middle of a document and all of a sudden automatic indents and numbering turn on, hanging indents appear, etc. Any ideas?

  DieSse 00:49 14 Jul 09

When os corrupted, there tends to be lots of odd things happen with formats inside documents, as you describe.

The cure is to delete (or rename) Word will reconstitute it when Word is started again.

Ifind it better not to try and change, but to make a template how I like, then save it as "" and use that one. Tends to cause less issues with old docs created with the standard

"Save and close the document" - You don't do that to make a template - you must Save As - and choose file type Template (.dot) for it.

Thanks for your help. I deleted, Win created a new one, it accepted my perameters and all is well in the universe. I can't believe that MS doesn't tell you to use the "Save As" instead of just "Save" as you would with any other document you change.

Anyway, thank you very much.

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