can bios update increase memory on motherboard.

  Agent X2 Zero 17:21 12 Apr 06

sisoft sandra and pc wizard both showed my memory as max memory module 256mb and max installable memory 512mb which was correct size for motherboad support as i have 2 slots with 256mb in each slot.I have a older pc with the older sdram,i have just done a bios update 4 versions forward which went ok and is working fine,now when i checked with sisoft sandra and pc wizard they both report max memory module 512mb and max installable memory 1024mb,is this more likely to be an error in the 2 programs or is it possible to increase memory support.

  Stuartli 17:23 12 Apr 06

The two 256MB modules have been added together i.e. 512MB.

You would appear to be able to use two 512MB modules giving, therefore, 1024MB maximum memory.

  Totally-braindead 17:32 12 Apr 06

I would check the motherboard manufacturers website.

  Agent X2 Zero 19:33 12 Apr 06

After some searching on the MSI website the motherboad manual says max 256mb [64bit] or 512mb[128bit].Can this of been the spec before a bios update was available.

  Totally-braindead 20:02 12 Apr 06

What motherboard is it?

  Stuartli 20:02 12 Apr 06

The model number of the MSI mobo would help..:-)

Otherwise we are working in the dark....

  Agent X2 Zero 12:47 13 Apr 06

thanks for the help its a msi model number MS-6183 i have just checked the memory advisor tool on the crucial website and it says max memory 512mb as reported with sisoft sandra and pc wizard until the bios update.

  Agent X2 Zero 16:33 14 Apr 06

Another program fresh diagnose also now reports max memory size in each slot is 512mb as i have 2 slots suggesting max memory of 1024mb.Will it be the 3 programs at fault in reporting the memory for a fact,which means no bios update can increase memory size on the motherboard.

  Stuartli 16:39 14 Apr 06

The MSI 6183 motherboard is an older Slot1 PentiumII/III or Celeron board and uses older technology.

The specification can be found here:
click here

  ed-0 19:55 14 Apr 06

1) unless you are running windows 2000 or XP. There would be no need to up the memory.

2) Most 512Mb modules of sdram will probably be of 256 Mbit memory addressing ( 32M X 8 double sided). You would need to track down 2 modules of sdram with 16M/16 chips per side. I don't think I have come across them before.

  Agent X2 Zero 16:11 15 Apr 06

ok thanks for the advice.

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