Can anyone suggerst a good webbuilding company?

  ky72 31 Jan 10

Hi people i need a company or a freelancer that can build me a very good website does anyone have any ideas please.?

  wiz-king 31 Jan 10

It would depend on what you want/need.
You need to write a list of features as some are easier to implement than others, you also need to think about ease of updating, if you are going to need updates every week then it will need to be designed for this. Do you need e-commerce? If so you will need third-party credit card handling and they will supply the software to impliment this.
The company that I work for has a fairly complicated site that was developed for us by click here but there are lots of people doing this work. I advise you to design an outline site ( a page layout in Word will do)or choose one from the web that you like as an example and give your designer that as a head start.

  wiz-king 31 Jan 10

Wrong link click here

  ky72 31 Jan 10

Wiz-King thank you! yes i need ECommerce i would need to upload around 50 photos & a couple of small videos, i'm about to start a business next week & i was messed about by someone who lied & told me they could build me a site And failed terribly so i need one doing ASAP...

  Forum Editor 31 Jan 10

and I'm, transferring it now (from Speakers Corner).

  Forum Editor 31 Jan 10

but finding a good one isn't so easy.

click here to find a list of members of the UK Web Design Association. Bear in mind that although members of this association must submit samples of their work before they are accepted it's not a foolproof system - proceed with caution, and ask for details of satisfied clients before proceeding. Email the clients concerned, and ask them if they were happy with their site; you may not get a response - people may delete your message as spam - but at least you will have signalled to the web designer that you're not going into this without running some checks.

  ky72 31 Jan 10

Thanks Peter! il look right now....also thankx again wiz-king..

  ky72 31 Jan 10

Peter just thought i'd thankyou again! that website is the best ive come across! its just amazing! TY

  ky72 31 Jan 10

So far i think this one seems best priced..i think the £175 package is best price what do you think.?

Scroll down to near bottom where prices are..

click here

  Forum Editor 01 Feb 10

or design because I have no knowledge of the company concerned - you'll have to make your own judgement as far as those things are concerned.

Offers like 'free hosting' can seem attractive, but make sure you find out exactly what's involved - how long does the free hosting last, is it a year, two years, or forever?
What about bandwidth, are you restricted to a certain amount each month, and if so, what are the charges for additional bandwidth?

The old saying that you get nothing for nothing is as true today as it ever was, and although there are some excellent design and hosting packages to be had, please make sure you are fully aware of what you're getting, and what you're not getting before you commit.

  ky72 01 Feb 10

Thankx again Peter.! i wouldnt of known to of asked them! i'd of been engrossed in other things.. cheers...


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