Can anyone settle my mind on this comp?

  danny_wilco 02:21 17 Nov 08

Just a tad concerned about it being a "Philips". Spec is good and so is price so if anyone can offer insight, be much appreciated.

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  Kevscar1 06:55 17 Nov 08

for an extra £80 you can get a new one HD slightly smaller

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  chub_tor 10:44 17 Nov 08

Looking at the specs I would go for the Philips, more USB, Firewire, bigger hard drive, good graphics, space for expansion and same warranty.

It's a personal choice thing - Kevscar's link is smaller, brand new, same memory, better processor, has a card reader, smaller hard drive.

  danny_wilco 13:47 17 Nov 08

so philips are a brand i shouldnt avoid? i mean the pc is good spec for the price but i think im just put off that it is "Philips"

  isca2 15:19 17 Nov 08

Not aware that Philips brand should be shunned for any reason. Cannot recall any adverse postings here about them !

  chub_tor 15:37 17 Nov 08

Nothing wrong with the Philips brand.

  rustyboy 18:14 17 Nov 08

Its more of a question of what do you require it for? If you are just going for it because of the price without considering what you are intending to use it for then you could be going the wrong way.
What is the PC for. Home office / inet access.
Games / or other intensive graphical work?

  danny_wilco 18:20 17 Nov 08

gaming really. games as WoW, FM09, Unreal Tournament, Leftfordead etcetc. An upgrade on the GFX Card is a must of course but just ideas on the general system. Saying that there is another system up if people have thoughts..

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  danny_wilco 18:28 17 Nov 08

or this system with the nvidia 8600gt and 500gb upgrades

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