Can anyone recommend a webcam

  JustinJSY 21:33 23 Apr 04

Can anyone recommend a cheap and cheerful webcam. I've seen a load for less than £20, but are they any good? Ideally I'd like one that can attach to my TFT monitor.

  stalion 21:42 23 Apr 04
  jonny4 01:43 24 Apr 04

They all seem to be pretty much the same. Try for a free one by accepting a months free trial from Which the consumer magazine on line <click here> Otherwise by a cheapy with a monitr bracket .Don't let the salespeople do a snow job on you though,keep it cheap. jonny4

  jonny4 01:55 24 Apr 04

Sorry that was a bad link I gave you Try this one. Should take you to your free trial application page<click here> jonny4

  jonny4 02:00 24 Apr 04

Wooops ! Sorry silly spellig error.You want a camera not a mortgage. Here you go <> jonny4

  jonny4 02:04 24 Apr 04

I don't believe this. The herb was cheap too. Here we go again again <click here>

  jonny4 02:07 24 Apr 04

Yesss it worked at last. good luck. jonny4

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