Can anyone identify this motherboard?

  Legolas 16:46 22 Jan 03
  Legolas 16:46 22 Jan 03

My friend has a Hewlett Packard Pavilion Desktop computer with a Pentium II 133Mhz CPU AND 16Mb of EDO RAM he wants to get broadband but he needs at least a 166Mhz CPU and 64Mb of RAM. Does anyone know if the motherboard in this model will take an upgraded CPU from 133 to 166 or higher or does anyone know what motherboard this model uses. I have tried installing SI Sandra to identify the motherboard but I cannot get it to run on his computer.

  DieSse 16:56 22 Jan 03

I wouldn't expect there to be a problem running it at the lower speed anyway. BUT - there isn't enough RAM - so you need to get some more EDO RAM. It's still available as I bought some from a wholesaler very recently (in Spain)

BTW - there is no such thing as a PII 133MHz - it's either a PI or a PI MMX. (or its a PII 233MHz)

  Cuddles 18:02 22 Jan 03

Run this to identify the mbo click here

  Legolas 18:34 22 Jan 03

Thanks for the replies. DieSse I should have known that a 133 is a pentium and not a pII. I can get EDO memory on ebay and I suspect I could get a 166 CPU as well. I suppose to use a PII processor or above I would need to upgrade the motherboard. I know my friends system needs upgrading anyway but I am trying to convince him, the jump from his present 28k modem to 512 would be excellent. Cuddles, good site I have downloaded Belarc Advisor and will put it on disk and install it on my mates system.

  Stuartli 19:41 22 Jan 03

You can also go into System Information via Accessories in Programs and Windows itself will provide you with everything you need to know about what is on your computer.

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