Can anyone help. Internet stops responing.

  sami175 17:37 14 Aug 07

I've just upgraded to Vista but i am having problems with the internet staying connected. It works fine for up to a couple hours but then stops responding and i get the messages saying that internet explorer cannot display the pages. Can anyone help please. Thanks

  wee eddie 19:25 14 Aug 07

What AV are you using?

I am not suggesting that you have caught anything but that Vista requires a considerable amount of processing power and without 1GB of RAM, a fairly swift processor, and no interference by the likes of Norton. Your PC may just be struggling.

  birdface 10:58 15 Aug 07

Are you connected straight from the Modem or are you connected through a Wireless Router,If from the modem you could try,[Oops this is for XP it may be different with Vista]Control Panel. Administrative tools, Scroll down to DNS Client and make sure it is set to Automatic.

  pitcairn 18:57 17 Aug 07

Are you sure modem is compatable. Had similar problem,changed modem and also microfilters. No trouble since.

  sami175 19:52 17 Aug 07

Thanks Pitcairn. I'd been trying to read up and find out what it could be. Read something today that said it could be to with ethernet cables and the microfilters not being compatible together. I'm useless when it comes to all the technical side, so got Daddy coming round tomorrow (LOL) to see if he can help make sense of it all and change it for me. Fingers crossed he'l be able to sort it out and fix it for me!!
Any other sugestions that could help me will be more than welcome. Thanx to everyone for helping me.

  Dipso 23:06 17 Aug 07

Never heard of incompatibilities between ethernet cables and filters...mmm? Post back if your Dad can't resolve this for you...but I'm sure he will :)

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