can anyone help

  bebo 19:30 26 Jan 07

just wondering if anyone can help,my mates computer keeps rebooting every 10 second.when he starts his computer it goes for alittle while then starts to reboot

  Totally-braindead 19:33 26 Jan 07

If the computer starts ok from cold and reboots when its been on for a while get him to check all the fans are working as overheating can be the cause.

  bebo 19:47 26 Jan 07

just been on the phone to him read on the form to right click my computer go into properties and untick reboot but his computer is not staying on long a noth to even click on my computer

  bof:) 19:50 26 Jan 07

as totally-braindead says, get your friend to check the fans. Can he hear it spinning when pc starts up?

also is he getting any beeps at start up? if so how many?

  bebo 20:02 26 Jan 07

cannot get him on the phone thanks for you help

  bebo 20:25 26 Jan 07

he hears the fan going it gives two beeps at start up funny it does not reboot if he goes into the bios but when he comes out of it it starts the reboot

  woodchip 20:51 26 Jan 07

he should only have one beep. it may be a memory problem. Tell him to turn the computer of at the wall socket after shutting down then to remove memory sticks and refit them, the contacts may be tarnished

  VoG II 20:52 26 Jan 07

Which motherboard?

  woodchip 20:59 26 Jan 07

Right according to your other thread, It points to Graphics problem, or Drivers programs loaded at Boot. This can be gone through with MSCONFIG program in the Run box. a Slow job but one worth doing, like removing ticks in MSCONFIG this only disables programs starting at boot and they can be put back

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