Can anyone advise me about the following website please??

  julius44 17 Jun 12

Hello and good morning to you all, ive been looking for a specific android tablet in white colour, and ive come across this website that sells is link...

the webiste is called android-tablet-computer. I had to remove the actual link, as when i tried to post I get the message that it is spam Its for the Hyundai A7HD tablet in white.

Not sure whether website is UK based, and also whether I would still be required to pay extra for this item, if its shipped from outside UK(import tax).

Ive emailed them yesterday evening and i'm waiting for a reply to my questions for them. The price for this item was the cheapest I could find for this item in white colour which i prefer. Any advice on this website would be much appreciated, thanks Jules

  Kevscar1 17 Jun 12

If it is outside the UK you will have to pay VAT and any Import tax as well. Simple answer, if it doesn't tell you on their site their full address do not use them.

  wiz-king 17 Jun 12

The site does not appear to be in the UK, there is no contact address or registration number. So I would avoid the site.

  spuds 17 Jun 12

The site looks impressive, but fails because it offers no address or contact information, except a email form for contact, returns,registration etc.

The site also mentions that it as 'offices and warehouses at Channel Islands UK, Mainland EU & Hong Kong. Extensive network in EU and Greater China'.

The site also mentions payment methods, and PayPal are one company listed with protection arrangements. So it might be wise to have a look at eBay, and see if the company is listed there, with a UK address?.

You could send a request for information about their locations for Channel Island or EU offices and warehouses (which you appear to have already done). Anything arriving from other destinations, and you are going to be thumped for taxes and administration handling charges.

Also consider the warranty and returns-repair side. Nothing like having an expensive doorstop and headache trying to get problems solved, if there are any!.

Doing a Google search, and the question about this company is mentioned, but no replies given?.


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