Can an AMD 3800 single core run Windows 7?

  VNAM75 00:35 AM 04 Sep 12

I currently have the following pc running XP:

Amd 3800 64 single core CPU 2 gb Ram 128mb pci express GPU

It runs fine but sometimes like to restart automatically. If I installed Windows 7 Home premium on this pc would it perform better in terms of reliability and speed? It will only be used for basic tasks such as viewing iplayer, youtube, mp3 music etc. I'm after better stability without any loss of performance. Is it worth buying Windows 7 or should I stick with XP?

  KRONOS the First 05:34 AM 04 Sep 12

You are using pretty old tech and I doubt would see any significant improvement by installing Windows 7. Use this to see if you can run Windows 7 or not.

  Terry Brown 10:30 AM 04 Sep 12

use the window 7 compatability test

This will test your machine, hardware & Software to tell you what will or will not run on your machine.


  daxian 12:45 PM 04 Sep 12

stick with xp 7 needs a min of 4gb memory ,anything less your system will struggle.

  Woolwell 13:20 PM 04 Sep 12

daxian - W7 does not need 4Gb of memory. In fact W7 32 bit will use less than 4Gb. Whilst I agree that more ram helps most system will run W7 quite happily with 2 Gb and some netbooks come with only 1 Gb. See this

  VNAM75 13:23 PM 04 Sep 12

Thanks everyone I will try the compatibility tests and may add an extra 2gb ram.

  HenryF75 08:29 AM 05 Sep 12

If it any help I have been running win 7 for the past year on a AMD 3100 processor with 2Gb ram, without any problems. Performance is an improvement on XP. The only problem experienced with the upgrade was with the graphics card. The Raedon card which I had could not run Aero but a search on E Bay found a suitable NVidia for my old motherboard. Best of luck with your trials.


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