Can access from one computer but not the other

  Buff1 19:53 12 Sep 06

Hi all I hope someone can help me. I have 2 desktops on a wired network and a laptop on a wireless. My problem is I can access the laptop and the desktop from my Medion computer, but I cannot access the Medion from either the laptop or the desktop. I run Windows xp home on all 3 computers. I have set the Medion to share. I also turned off the firewall on the Medion, but to no avail. I can see the Medion when I "view workgroup computers" but whe I click on the icon I get this error message. "//Medion is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrater of this server to find out if you have access permissions. The network path was not found."

  Strawballs 23:12 12 Sep 06

If you are running a third party firewall when you switch it off go into control panel and check windows firewall I have found when you dissable third party ones it turns on.

  mgmcc 08:43 13 Sep 06

If you are running a third-party firewall, you should configure it correctly to allow access to the networked computers. Disabling it may not shut down processes running in the background and it can still be blocking access when you think it isn't running.

  ade.h 12:30 13 Sep 06

It's either that or a share permission issue or an account access issue. You have Home on all clients, which should be giving the equivalent of level 6 permissions (full control) but this is not always the case in practice. Although you are stuck with Simple File Sharing, you can still weild some influence over account access in Local Security Policy.

  ade.h 12:31 13 Sep 06

And mgmcc is right about firewalls, by the way.

  Buff1 14:13 13 Sep 06

Cheers folks it was the third party firewall

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