Can 2 wireless hubs run on one PC?

  rykpage 14:50 13 Dec 09

I have 2 phone lines. One has BT Broadband and is connected by ethernet to my PC. I now have signed up for Virgin Broadband on the other line but want to know if I can connect it to the same PC to run it. Or will I have to close down BT Broadband and run Virgin broadband from my PC.

  mgmcc 15:49 13 Dec 09

Not sure exactly what you're asking. As you are connecting to the internet via a router, you can connect your PC to whichever router (and therefore whichever ISP) you want.

In theory, if you have two network adapters in the PC, you could be connected simultaneously to both ISPs, although the PC might only transfer internet traffic over the one connection.

  rykpage 21:43 13 Dec 09

I want to be able to have access to two different broadband services via the one PC. Is that possible or do I have to use only one or have the other running via a different PC.

  mgmcc 23:21 13 Dec 09

You can have access to as many broadband services via the one PC as you want.

  lexlibris1299 08:07 16 Dec 09

This feature is built-in for Servers. Yes you can have access to as many broadband services through the one PC as you want. Yes you can use two network cards but that is impractical. But if your thinking of doubling you speed, forget it. The good thing for two broadbands is when the first connection goes down it uses the second. Why just upgrade your broadband to a higher speed?

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