eysha 15:14 01 Jan 09

Hi, my Fuji s8000 camera has just developed a fault because the settings button at the top has fallen off, literally. It is still in guarentee but not for long, one day.
I can get a replacement but what do i go for?
It must be able to take SD and SDH cards as well as AA rechargable batteries as i have bought several of these and don't want to waste them so what camera takes these items but gives good photos too?
I don't want another Fuji as they are not, in my opinion, as good as my old Olympus which is only a 4 meg pix and still takes good photos but is years old now. I favour the Olympus or the Canon but am open to suggestions so all help gratefully accepted. Thanks.

  tullie 15:16 01 Jan 09

Google is your friend

  eysha 15:18 01 Jan 09

thanks but it will take hours to research this question as i am not a camera buff so was hoping for help here.

  Pamy 15:23 01 Jan 09

Why not get it repaired under the guarentee?
Telephone/e-mail the place where you bought it from NOW

  tullie 15:32 01 Jan 09

As its New Years Day,Google maybe your only option.As for hours,think minutes.

  eysha 15:34 01 Jan 09

it was bought from Curry's and there is one near by me so taking it back tomorrow but the question is what do i swop it for given the above needed requirements?

  Fingees 15:39 01 Jan 09

You will probably find it will only be replaced under warranty by the same model, or one of similar spec at their discretion.

  Pamy 15:39 01 Jan 09

Do you know then that they will swap it for another make/model?

  eysha 15:42 01 Jan 09

warrenty says, replace it to same specs or add money to swop to different model/specs

  anchor 15:42 01 Jan 09

You certainly have the right to have it repaired under warranty.

However, allowing you to choose a replacement make/model would be at the discretion of the seller. I suspect Curry`s might not be too keen on that.

  Pamy 15:43 01 Jan 09

If they will awap it for another make/model, then it will be best to go there and ask them what they are prepared to do and then make a decision, checking out that what they offer will be compatible with all the extras that you have

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