camera drivers

  morecambe 16:59 11 Sep 06

i have a canon ixus300 that i cant use on my pc as no longer got the drives the pc reconises the camera but says need drives im using xp pro

  dagbladet 17:06 11 Sep 06

My new personal best. Google = 14 seconds

click here

  BRYNIT 17:06 11 Sep 06

Have you tried click here

  jack 18:13 11 Sep 06

I appreciate that there is a lot going on that some of us dont get to hear about .I have always understood that a camera is simply another'drive' in XP and shows in 'my computer'as a new drive letter. click on it and the camera delivers a folder of pix.
Failing that one could obtain a card reader for a tenner or so.

  Totally-braindead 18:47 11 Sep 06

morecambe don't understand what you mean by no longer have the drives, if its the software you mean then the link from dagbladet will help. If you could explain what you mean then perhaps could help further.
An external card reader as jack has suggested is a simple solution as well. 7dayshop do cheap ones click here=

  skidzy 19:08 11 Sep 06

Number 97 bottom of the page click here

Hope this helps.

  dagbladet 19:11 11 Sep 06


  skidzy 19:15 11 Sep 06

Last link seems dead, click here

  skidzy 19:17 11 Sep 06

Not sure whats really going on here,ive read the thread 2-3 times and still lost,however the driver is listed above.

  bluto1 22:16 11 Sep 06

Sorry to hi-jack, but I want to thank Totally-braindead for the link to 7-day shop. Found my ink cartridges £4.00 cheaper.Thanks mate.

  Totally-braindead 00:19 12 Sep 06

You're welcome bluto1.

morecambe when you get back to this thread could you please tell us whether the link to the drivers were what you wanted or try to describe exactly what is wrong as I just don't understand what you are meaning. Hopefully it will just be the drivers you mean and the link provided will solve your problem.

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