camcorder to vcd ... how ???

  grabster 20:34 24 Aug 03

I have a sony vl-a111h camcorder and am wondering how to transfer my tapes onto vcd. My pc has a yellow video socket but i dont know how to connect things up . my system has a geforce4 mx440 . is it possible ?

  woodchip 20:40 24 Aug 03

My daughter as a Analog Camcorder it just connects to the front of the Sanyo video and she sets it of recording, wires was supplied with the camcorder and colours matched what was at the front of video play back by means of Arial socket

  The Sack 20:40 24 Aug 03

Is your camera analogue or digital?

  woodchip 20:47 24 Aug 03

If you are wanting it on DVD or CD then you need the software

Lots of useful info here click here

  grabster 06:43 25 Aug 03

I can copy over to VHS ok but i would like to attach my anolog camcorder to my pc if its possible and convert my holiday tapes to vcd's.
I have the software to convert,chop,clean & burn my vcd's but how do i get the movies onto my pc in the first place ???

  Bagsey 09:02 25 Aug 03

Have you got a capture card fitted to your computer.?You need this to get raw analogue video into your machine.

  jazzypop 09:08 25 Aug 03

click here - same site as @BJ@ gave, just the specific page to get you started.

  grabster 09:37 25 Aug 03

I dont have a capture card fitted as of yet but im gonna look into it .
theres a fair bit of info to get through on the posted link so methinks i should put the kettle on...

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