Camcorder to TV leads

  jennydog 18 Aug 11

Help please, I would like to play

Panasonic NV-DS60B Camcorder on Hitachi TV L22DO1 UB/UW/CB/CW
what leads etc do I need. Keep it simple for me! Thank you in advance - I am in and out so I may not reply straight away

  woodchip 18 Aug 11

Aldi normally have packs of Leads that most likely contain the one you need a 3.5mm jack in the Camcorder to dual or three analogue at TV end these can be put into the included Scart Socket adapter

  woodchip 18 Aug 11

What output sockets do you have on the Camcorder? the above would mean you turn AV on, on the TV

  eedcam 18 Aug 11

The cam has composite video and S video out the tv has VGA/ Component and hdmi in As wood chip advises go composite to scart .Big drop in picture quality I'm afraid

  jennydog 18 Aug 11

Hi woodchip and eedcam, Thank you for the replies Aldi it is then - the old analog was no problem.Thanks again

  buteman 19 Aug 11

I probably did it wrong on mine but still got it to work on the TV.

I had it yellow into yellow and black into white and that was the only two that I used.

Not sure why I ended up using just the two but I am sure someone here can explain which colour goes where.

I would have thought that matching all colours would have been normal but it did not work for me.

That was with a Sony Trv 208E which is quite old now.

  buteman 19 Aug 11

Thought that I had better add that that was on my old T/V and have not tried it on my Digital TV yet.

  eedcam 19 Aug 11

Buteman that was correct as far as the Yellow goes Yellow is composite video and usually there is also red and black for the audio .Her tv aint got composite in other than by scart which only then needs and adaptor to sort it

  woodchip 19 Aug 11

Aldi have the leads on offer very soon if you check there web site. From last Thursday 18th Aug near bottom of page £6.99

Click Hear

  buteman 19 Aug 11


That seems to be a reasonable price.

Every time I go into Aldi's now I get the impression that they are not doing so good.

Maybe it is because Medion have been taken over and they do not have many computer parts for sale any more.


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