Camcorder question

  keyboardqueen 16:06 29 Oct 09

Sorry its not strictly pc related but im absolutely gutted.
I've just used a mini dv head cleaning tape on my camcorder, then tried playing the recent precious holiday footage I shot in summer however, it was still scratchy so I ran it again .
The video footage now appears to have been wiped completely from the tape!
Does anyone have any idea what could have caused this, or if it is salvageable at all?
I followed the intsuctions to the letter on the cleaner tape. :-(

  stlucia 08:03 30 Oct 09

Your dv tape can be wiped by recording over it, or by a strong magnetic field.

Are you sure the tape is wiped, and it's not a playback problem with your camera?

  Les28 08:05 30 Oct 09

Have you tried playing back your mini dv tape in someone else's mini dv camcorder, just to check the tape is OK and perhaps the fault maybe with your camcorder.

  keyboardqueen 09:11 30 Oct 09

@ stlucia - I definitely didn't record over it. All I did was use the cleaner tape, take it out, put my holiday tape in, and there was just a blue empty screen where there'd been holiday footage moments before :-(

@ les28 - the tape is now showing just like a fresh blank date/time, nothing. I daren't put any more tapes in to try in case it wipes those too.
The camcorder has been working fine up until now.
I don't know anyone else with one to try. :-(

  Technotiger 09:37 30 Oct 09

If you are anywhere near me, I could try it for you in my MiniDV Camcorder. I am in the Portsmouth, Hampshire area.

  Pamy 09:41 30 Oct 09

I would put a new blank tape in and try recording something, then see if it plays back

  Les28 10:14 30 Oct 09

Is it possible that because your recorded tape appears like a blank tape may be because your playback function is damaged and the camera can't read any information, but that doesn't mean the information isn't there. Is the playback problem a recent one, with you having to use head cleaner?

Would be reassuring to run a recorded tape through a working camcorder to see if that's the case. Maybe a specialist camera shop would be able to help that way and just check one of your tapes is working OK on one of their cameras if you can't think of any friends who have a working camera.

don't know anyone else with one to try. :-(

I am in South Lincolnshire, near Cambridgeshire border, close to Peterborough.

  keyboardqueen 23:16 05 Nov 09

Thanks for all your replies. My bro in law got it working again. He sprayed inside with air and it worked! Must have been gunk build up maybe?
Still wary of using head cleaning tapes again in the future though...

  Technotiger 08:06 06 Nov 09

Grreat, thanks for your feedback.

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