Camcorder to PC for editing

  johnincrete 29 Oct 12

Since I bought my last camcorder that used tapes, they seem now to record onto flash memory or hard disk. WShat do I look for in a specification that tells me if I can transfer the recording to a PC for editing (and subsequent burn to DVD)

  Woolwell 29 Oct 12

If they record to a memory disk then you simply remove the disk and connect to the pc ina disc reader or connect the camera. I'm not aware of any camcorders than cannot transfer data to a PC for editing.

  johnincrete 30 Oct 12

Are you saying that disks in a camcorder can be put in a PC reader like a CD or DVD?

  Woolwell 30 Oct 12

No - only camcorders with minidvd are like a cd or dvd. But some camcorders use memory cards and they go in a memory card reader.

Read this

  woodchip 30 Oct 12

You need Movie Maker

Free Download

It should pick-up your Camcorder if not you will be able to find it in the software Settings

  Number six 30 Oct 12

If your PC does not have a card reader, you should be able to interface directly via USB or firewire cable to download files from camcorder.

  johnincrete 31 Oct 12

Thanks all. Obviously the info I had was false. I look forward to a new camcorder

  woodchip 31 Oct 12

If it's a Analogue Camcorder you need one of these

Link Click Hear


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