Firehead 02:28 20 Oct 07

I'm undecide whether to purchase the Canon DC-50 or the Sony DCR-DVD408. I'm just going to use it for Disney Vacation coming up and family functions, holidays, etc. Can anybody make a good recommendation?

  Technotiger 08:30 20 Oct 07

Personally I would not choose either of these cams.
The DVD format is what puts me off - you would probably find that you were running out of 'space' at a critical moment in your filming because of their limited amount of filming time, also the vulnerability of the media, scratches etc, and you would need maybe 5 or 6 or more DVD's to record the same amount as maybe 2 to 3 MiniDV tapes. I think MiniDV is a better format overall.

  Bagsey 09:58 20 Oct 07

I absolutely agree with Technotiger DVD much too vulnerable to damage from knocks etc and very limited storage capacity. Stick with miniDV tapes. They are also easy to black before using them so that you have a continuous timecode throughout the tape, this stops those awfull blank gaps and frgmented timecode when editing.

  anchor 11:34 20 Oct 07

One to seriously consider, (had three CCD`s, and uses mini DV tapes); good review here:

click here

I think it will be within your budget, (£325 from Amazon, post free).

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