philharris433 22:23 27 Mar 07

Im having a problem with a digital camcorder that I have recently got that records direct to dvd. Basically I have recorded loads of stuff onto the disk and just this morning I turned the camcorder on as normal and it says disk not formatted. Also does the same thing in a PC. I really need the info off this disk, surely it cant have just vanished! Does anyone know how I could get it back?


  woodchip 22:41 27 Mar 07

Dont like DVD Camcorders, I use a Mini tape

  Woolwell 22:53 27 Mar 07

Had a similar problem with my son's camcorder which recorded to dvd. Try playing the disc in a dvd writer on a PC instead of a dvd player. This worked for me for one disc.

Otherwise I used disc recovery software. InDisc Recovery click here worked for me but there are other options which have been mentioned in other threads on this site.

Have you recorded in VR or V Format. I found VR format was very difficult to edit on a PC and still haven't been successful mainly because i need more software. You must also finalise to view VR.

  hastelloy 04:00 28 Mar 07

Have you tried finalising the disc in the camcorder?

  philharris433 08:53 28 Mar 07

it wont allow me to finalise the disk even in the camcorder. I just get the same message. Disk not formatted. I have tried it in a dvd writer and it displays the disk with nothing on it but I will try some of these recovery programs you have mentioned. I Suppose you wont be able to do a full recovery off the disk without having the licenced version either.

Many thanks guys

  Monoux 08:56 28 Mar 07

Try Isobuster. It's the only one I've found that shows you what is on the disc before you have to pay for registration which then enables you to actually recover files..

  jack 10:35 28 Mar 07

BadCopy Pro from click here

Will do the business if there are files on the disc
You can sacve the file but will come up witith the badcopy logo on the images.
Buy the release code for £15 ish[depends on the ex-rate of course

  Monoux 20:26 28 Mar 07

Have just tried Badcopypro on a dis which I had trouble with and it doesn't find any files but isobuster does

  jack 20:28 28 Mar 07

Glad that one of them got there-
Buy them both- it wont break the bank then you will be covered.

  philharris433 22:39 28 Mar 07

I found that iso buster has found something on the disk. Not sure what though, will buy licence for it and let you know if it works.

Thanks for the help

  Woolwell 23:11 28 Mar 07

InDisc Recovery will also allow you to find out what is on the disc before you pay.

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