calling all role playing gamers

  Aol Hater 12:16 12 Jun 03

Years ago when my uncle used to have an amiga we used to play a game on it similar to dungeons and dragons, a real role playing game where you had to go into the shops to buy weapons food etc and then set out on your mission and interact with people and solve puzzles on the way. it was great you could type in your commands like 'open the door' or ' kill the goblin' 'eat some food' etc etc, does anyone know of any similar games that are out now for the pc? i have tried games like warcraft 3 and neverwinter nights but they all seem to be not a real role player more like a fighting game if you know what i mean? I am looking for a real good role player and wondered if anyone knew any?

  Aol Hater 12:18 12 Jun 03

i didnt post twice can F.E please remove one

  soy 12:42 12 Jun 03

The biggest Roleplaying game I know of is EverQuest. You have to pay a monthly subscription to play though. I bought this a few months ago, not realising this and now its just left in my draw not used. I paid 1 months to try it out and didn't like it. Worlds were too big and a little complicated to play.

Have a look here for some rpg games click here .

  hugh-265156 13:52 12 Jun 03
  The Ghost of Inept Pig 16:39 12 Jun 03

Gothic 2 (click here) is out shortly, which offers some promise, but is once again a more action orientated RPG.

Morrowind (click here) is also quite highly rated, although I've never got around to playing it, you could always try to get them for GAME and then be able to return them without hassle if they're not quite to your liking.

As for ye olde text adventures, I remember them fondly too - although the search for the exact words the game wanted you to use was often frustrating - but there's an online one if you click here based upon The Hitch Hikers guide to the Galaxy.

  zoomer 17:55 12 Jun 03

sure some of these peeps could help you out,

click here

  zoomer 17:59 12 Jun 03

forgot to say, I know for sure that the guy who runs the site mentined in my last post still uses his Amiga..........

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