Caller ID and broadband

  Johny C 14:00 11 Jul 04

Hi Everyone

I am currently using BT Broadband internet, and want to set-up my PC for caller display, i dont have a bormal modem as i got stung by a dialler so i took it out.

can caller display be used with broadband and what programs are there to use this service

Thanks in advance............ John

PS my op system is xp pro

  stalion 14:07 11 Jul 04

just some info for you in case you do not know bt are slicing three pounds a month off their 512 service on broadband.(miracles do happen)

  Johny C 14:09 11 Jul 04

Bela, and do you have to be connected to the internet for this to work?

Stalion, yes i know mate, i hve just upgraded to 1mb broadband, for the same old price of 512.

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