Call centres say you have errors go into the Admin events and they try to sell me stuff

  andy63walsh 13 Mar 12

Hi. Ids there a way of clearing this manually, must be? Then I can tell the cold calling call centres where to go, it would feel nice! Also is it good to clear now and then? worth doing? ( I go to start>right click on computer>left click on Manange>system tools>event viewer>administration events.

  Woolwell 13 Mar 12

Just ignore the spammers who are cold calling. They are after your money for nothing or phish for your bank details. There have been numerous threads about this scam.

  buteman 13 Mar 12

Ignore them it is just a scam.

  andy63walsh 13 Mar 12

But I wouldn't mind knowing how to clear it anyway and p*ss them right off, I will keep them on the phone for ages also.

  andy63walsh 13 Mar 12
  robin_x 13 Mar 12

You don't need to clear past logged events.

Download and run Ccleaner periodically. And regular AV scans. Malwarebtyes and SAS scans every now and again too.

  compumac 13 Mar 12

Totally and completely ignore the cold callers. They have no knowledge of the content of your PC whatsoever. Whatever they tell you is complete rubbish. If anything were needed CCleaner will do it it as robinofloxley says.

  buteman 13 Mar 12

I would leave event Viewer the way it is if you do not know what you are doing.

I stopped even opening event viewer as it gives different problems that I know nothing about.So my advice is not to open it at all unless you have serious problems with your computer,

  polymath 13 Mar 12

As preinstalled Windows doesn't even rate being able to ask Microsoft a question, the idea of them calling me personally was quite surreal! (Let alone calling again & again). If I can be bothered to speak to this scammer at all, I find becoming a bit deaf quite effective.

If I ever had time to kill, I'd then agree to 'start it up', take the phone with me and start something noisy, like a tractor (it would need several attempts and plenty of hammer-blows, of course). Or 'start up' an old computer I've known (such as a 1980s Dos one), follow his instructions & describe what's happening.

  lotvic 13 Mar 12

I echo Compumac "Totally and completely ignore the cold callers. They have no knowledge of the content of your PC whatsoever" and also add they are criminals trying to scam you, they didn't know you had a pc until you told them. If they know your name it prob came from a phone book/internet list that they got hold of.

This is what microsoft say Don’t fall for phony phone tech support Microsoft will not make unsolicited phone calls to help you with your computer. If you receive a phone call like this, hang up.

  andy63walsh 14 Mar 12

I'm with the tps (telephone pref system) you can sue them, but can't get their details or phone number to get them. So for now I might even say, "hello Dorset Police Centre, how can I help with your emergency"


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