call alert whilst on-line

  xk140 22:11 28 May 04

I'm trying to find a system that will alert me when someone is trying to phone me whilst I'm on the internet. I am unable to get Broadband in my area so share internet with my single phone line. I have recently tried the "Internet Alert 510" gadget but have had problems with reliability. I can find software "pop-ups" but they all seem to be USA only. Does anyone know of a system that works in this country?
John Griffin

  TommyRed 22:20 28 May 04

I tried a number of times but never found anything satisfactory when I was on dial-up. All I can suggest is that if you have a mobile, give the number to friends and family if it's important they get hold of you. Keep the mobile by you on the PC, and also get the BT ansaphone 1571 so people can at least leave a message. HTH TR

  Epocs 22:20 28 May 04

You will need a V.92 modem, use a V.92 ISP and have call waiting enabled on your phone line. Also if you enable caller ID it should show you who is calling

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