Calculation of BT Billing hours ?

  RDG 09:59 24 Aug 03

Close to the end of my Billing period on BTOpenworld (Unlimited Usage....) BT advised me I had 35 hours left at 0217 on the 20/08/03. Then on the 21/08/2003 they advised at 1835 I only had 15 hours left. Meaning that somehow I had used 20 hours out of a possible 40. Accepting my mchines are switched off at night from approx 2200 to 0900 that leaves 22 hours in which to have used 20 hours. Almost impossible.

Now the interesting part. I use a router with upto three Computers connected and occasionaly more than one will be on at the same time.

Does BT therefore count the hours connected on the ISDN link or count the time of simultaneous connections ?

I understood you could use as many computers as you wanted over a single link at the same rate ?

Have emailed BT Billing but so far no response.

Grateful for any advice. Thanks RDG.

  spuds 11:30 24 Aug 03

You have done the right thing by contacting BT Billing.Nothing like having the facts in writing.At present I have a little dispute over my billing arrangement, and trying to deal with it over a phone as been nye on impossible.Sorry that I cannot offer further advice, but I hope that you solve your problem very shortly.

  xania 13:08 24 Aug 03

Please keep us all posted on developments - we need to know when hidden costs emerge.

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