Calculating GPRS Data Transfer Time

  bfoc 13:13 12 Aug 04

I need to know how long both the fastest and realistic times would be for transferring 125.25Mb of data over GPRS would be.

Don't worry I have no intention of doing it - but O2 are 'claiming' that I had 7 connections (from 1 Nokia phone) at the same time and did just that.

I know I didn't (and my O2 supplied software has a counter which shows I didn't) but how long would it take over the 115Kbs GPRS service?

Since I used my phone quite a bit around that time for calls and texts it would show that I didn't have the time to do what the bill is claiming.


  keith-236785 13:42 12 Aug 04

125.25mb = 128256kb, at full speed of 115kb/s (unlikely), that would be 1115 seconds or 18.58 minutes

so at full speed you would be looking at 19 minutes

in truth, probable expected time would be around 22-25 mins.

not too long if you had the phone in your pocket and "accidently" connected. :-) that too is unlikely but you are dealing with a faceless entity.

good luck sorting this out, hope you win.

and i hope i have done my maths properly, i stand corrected if someone disagrees.

simple maths, 1mb = 1024kb

  bfoc 13:52 12 Aug 04

I'm sure that this isn't correct my calculations are much more than that.

I'll just check them...

  keith-236785 13:55 12 Aug 04

just thinking, if kbs refers to kilobits rather than kilobytes.

8 bits in a byte, 1024 bytes in a kilobyte

so with this in mind, 1kb/s would = 8192 bits.

125.25 mb = 1025.25*1024*1024*8 = 8600420352 bits, at 117760 (115kb/s) bits per second, that would mean a download time of 73033 seconds, or 1217 minutes, or 20.ΒΌ hours

phew, my brain is truely fried now lol

good luck

  bfoc 14:01 12 Aug 04

And I think that the above calculation may have taken 115Kbs as kilobytes per second whereas it is, I believe, kilobites per second.

Any one else know?

  bfoc 14:08 12 Aug 04

Thanks for that I was checking and writing my last post as yours was posted!

I was coming up, based on experience, of somewhere between 14 and 20 hours.

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