Cables for monitor GNR EZM19F

  SRJ 11:14 13 Dec 04


My Sister has been given a monitor GNR EZM19F by her firm.

However there are no cables for it whatsoever - I don't understand why not!

I am looking for a cable to connect from the monitor to the PC and also power supply/adaptor.

I have searched through several sites without much luck.

If anyone has ideas where I might go, I'd be extremely grateful.



  Smegs 11:50 13 Dec 04
  Smegs 11:52 13 Dec 04

click here is this the monitor??

  Smegs 12:31 13 Dec 04

"Thanks a lot for your speedy responces. I haven't actually seen it as I live 200 miles away. I think it must be!! I am sure with their web addrsss I should be able to sort something out now. Its strange as I searched for GNR with no real refernces coming up. Thanks for your help. Regards Steve" via email

You may want to just check, that the lead from the monitor to the G/Card hasn't been cut. I had a friend that was given a Monitor, and that lead had been cut. He had to open the monitor up, and resolder a new lead in to it.

Good luck & Happy Christmas.

  SRJ 12:45 13 Dec 04

Smegs - All sorted!!

Thanks once again for your help

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