Cable router and open port 80

  Wuggy 18:19 11 Sep 04

Friend has relatively new custom built PC -AMD 3000, 512 MB ram,Win Xp with SP2 installed, Norton antivirus and personal firewall. Cable broadband connection via a router and ethernet port. After SP2 installed ran shields up on which showed Port 80 open.I don't know situation prior to SP2 install (mate knows very little about PC's and has never checked firewall)but wonder if this is connected in some way to router. i.e. does port 80 have to stay open to communicate with router and will all be closed on internet side of router. Any info would be of great value including how to close said port 80 if needed. Thanks.

  scooby43 18:31 11 Sep 04

on routers port 80 is open by default because its for basic internet connectivity with out it you wouldnt be able to onto the internet. This is open by deafult.

  Wuggy 18:36 11 Sep 04

Thanks Scooby. Sometimes just a little reassurance works wonders.

  TomJerry 19:03 11 Sep 04

All my ports (including 80) are NOT open. I use a router (adsl, not cable), Win2K, no software or hardware firewall.

  Sir Radfordin 19:12 11 Sep 04

TomJerry if you have no firewall between your computer and the router then internally all the ports will be open. The router MUST have port 80 open otherwise you would not be able to access any internet site.

  pc moron 19:26 11 Sep 04

Port 80 must be open but in your friend's case it seems that the router is broadcasting this to the WAN (the internet).

There should be a setting in the router to allow access to it from his PC only.

This should keep the port open, but stop the router broadcasting the port's state to the internet ie: a scan with ShieldsUp should show stealth for port 80.

  TomJerry 19:37 11 Sep 04

It makes sense now.

  Wuggy 20:53 11 Sep 04

Thanks guys (or gals as the case may be). I'll need to have a look at his paperwork for the router to see how to put it into stealth mode. Hope it's in English!

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