cable inquiry

  SLAYER 09:19 09 Dec 06

Hi folks,this is not a problem,just a question. The other day I noticed that my wifes PC had lost her network connection or at best it was intermittent.It is a wired network and I have spare cables and after connecting one alls well. My question why should a cable fail, after all most of the power cables are buried in walls etc and last for years and years.
So if anyone has a minute and the knowledge I would be interested to learn if this is a problem peculiar to this type of cable.

  Diodorus Siculus 09:37 09 Dec 06

It's possible that the cable was snagged in someway which damaged the connections towards the ends - either the router/modem end or the end that goes into the PC.

Otherwise, it's hard to tell.

  birdface 09:37 09 Dec 06

Sorry but what type of cable are you talking about,NTL cable, Electric Cable,Usb, Ethernet.You stay in a block of flats that are pre wired for Cable networks,Give us a clue then.

  SLAYER 09:58 09 Dec 06

Sorry buteman,I obviously did not make myself very clear, although I am puzzled to your leap to I stay in a block of flats that are prewired. The cables referred to as being buried in wall etc, we all have,makes the lights, TV, hairdryer work.The cable I was referring to that failed was my Ethernet.

Cheers Diodorus Siculus,the cable is tacked to the skirting boards and the connectors haven't been touched since the cable was first connected.
Perhaps there has always been a minor flaw which has somehow got worse until it died.Ah well.Thanks guys for your time.
I'll mark it resolved later just in case anyone comes up with any other theory.

Thanks again.

  vinnyT 14:37 09 Dec 06

The one of the connections to my router is not a perfect fit, and every now and then vibrations from people (kids), hoover, or whatever dislodges it and causes the cable dis-connect message from windows.

Maybe the same in your case.

  SLAYER 18:38 09 Dec 06

thanks for that.

  vinnyT 14:35 13 Dec 06


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