Cable / Adsl distinction?

  Gordal 17:07 12 Jan 09

Could someone kindly explain to me the difference between Routers needed for Cable and those for Adsl?

I have two desktops and one laptop on my network using Netgear Router WGR614 and PCI Cards WPN Range Master - the laptop has a built-in connector. All works well! However, have just bought QVC's weekend TSV - an Acer miniature desktop. I need someones expert advice whether I should use the PCI Card from the old PC in the Acer, or not.

I should explain that I use the Internet via Virgin Media,s Cable. I remember seeing Routers listed for Cable when I first setup this network some time ago, but DOES THIS MATTER? This Router has Ethernet connectors.

On the same subject of replacing what I have, could someone explain to me what seems to me to be a lot of recent talk about network 'dongles'. Would they fit the bill?

Your help and advice would be greatly appreciated.

  Tech Guy 17:56 19 Jan 09

First off if your Acer has a spare PCI slot then the card would be OK.

ADSL and cable routers/modem are certainly different.

ADSL is nicknamed a last mile technology, as ADSL is ran from your local exchange to your home via twisted pair phone line. ADSL and the voice calls use different frequencies and are filtered in the home, using ADSL filters.

Cable BB is a shared medium, like ethernet, that uses fibre cable from the Cable Modem Termination System (think of it as a telephone exchange for cable) to your home. The fibre cable also carries T.V. and voice calls. Most fibre is terminated and a co-axial is brought into the home to the cable modem which splits the signals.

Conclusion - ADSL and cable are two very different technologies, therefore thier modem are to.

Dongles are just a nickname given to a USB network adapter, thats all.

I hope this helps you understand - even if just a little bit better :D

  Gordal 19:16 19 Jan 09

Tech Guy

Many thanks for your response

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