Jaynedoe 16:00 04 Nov 07

does anyone know how to connect a freeview box to an LCD monitor please so it can be used as a tv. The freeview box has 2 scart leads at the back and a 9 pin din socket marked 'for service only'.
The monitor has a standard din plug to take the usual monitor lead. I know it can be done because in Currys they had a monitor connected to a digital freeview box running on disply. It was connected via a yellow cable between the two. The assistant didnt know how it was done saying it was setup by the display guy. Is there a cable you can get to do this or was it a special that had been made up? Thanks. Jayne.

  ambra4 16:08 04 Nov 07

Believe this is the cable you required

click here

  Jaynedoe 16:20 04 Nov 07

thanks for advice but the monitor has no inputs that would take the round connectors. There is only 2 x 9 pin vgs sockets on the monitor.

  DieSse 16:37 04 Nov 07

You can't do this with a simple cable - the converters cost anywhere from £60 to £160. The signals are simply different, so require some electronics to change them.

You will see some leads with a VGA connector at one end and a SCART cable at the other - these are for certain projectors ONLY. NOT for monitors.

What you must have seen was a monitor that also had the required input to run from the freeview box - there are monitors which are dual purpose TV and monitor. Yours sounds as if it is a monitor only.

The service output is for a communications cable, not video signals.

  ambra4 16:38 04 Nov 07

What make and model # of monitor

  Jaynedoe 18:26 04 Nov 07

sony cpd-l181 18 inch TFT

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