C44+ "Service Required"

  Digital 14:16 19 Jan 06

A friend has an Epson C44+ printer. The red & green lights flash alternately & if printing is attempted a message "Service required" appears. Reading previous threads we suspect the waste ink pad needs cleaning/replacing & the counter resetting. However, the Epson on-line diagnostic routine will not run, the SSCLG routine (v.4) doesn't offer an option to reset the counter & the nearest Epson Express agent is 26 miles away.

So, does anyone have any ideas as to how we might get it printing temporarily?

Binning it is an option but can't be done today!

  SANTOS7 14:25 19 Jan 06

click here
first link taken from second it may help
click here.

  Digital 15:01 19 Jan 06

Thanks Santos7 but the the SSC service utility won't work for the C44/XP combination (nor for my R200/XP setup).

  TN 12:00 20 Jan 06

Can't understand that - I have both C44UX and R300 printers - the form er I have had for 2 years and have printed thousands of copies (literally) and have been using SSC service itility on both with no problem.

  woodchip 12:02 20 Jan 06

Try running SSC in Safe Mode

  Digital 14:49 20 Jan 06

Thanks Woodchip, I'll tell my friend to try that - if he's not binned it by now!

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