C drive question

  frenchman96 23 Nov 11

I use xp and am a reasonable competent pc user, but always wanting to learn more, and |I have a query.

My memory is 80 gb which is ample for me, especially as I store my pics on Picasa and memory sticks, the same with my music and films.

Anything else, I keep in my docs so its easu for backups.

So when I c/o my computer/ r/c c drive/r/c properties, I see the following.

Used space 28gb free space 46gb

But I cant see what uses the 28gb and my docs is only 580 mb, where else can it be?


  Nontek 23 Nov 11

Approximately 15Gb of that space is your XP OS, so that only leaves about 13Gb for everything else on your PC, which is not a lot!

Your memory is not 80Gb - you hard drive Capacity is 80Gb, memory is something else.

  onthelimit1 23 Nov 11

'I store my pics on Picasa'

Picasa simply displays pictures stored on your hard drive - it isn't a store in itself.

  frenchman96 23 Nov 11


Nontek, that makes sense ta. And i used wrong term, should know as I have just added Memory Ram.

Onthe limit1 I should have said Picasa web albums, as they are not on pc, but on net if I am not mistaken/

Once again, great forum as replies are always prompt.


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