C drive copied to D drive. HELP shortcut problem.

  robot 19:02 21 May 03

My C drive was my main drive,& D drive my slave drive. On D drive I had games only. My C drive was small and starting to play up,so I copied C drive to D drive,which is now my main C drive.
Since then,when I click a game Icon,I get the following shortcut window.

The drive or network connection that the shortcut"NAME OF GAME" refers to is unavailable.Make sure that the disk is properly inserted or the network resource is available,and then try again.
Apart from re-installing the games ,is there any way over this problem.

  woodchip 19:37 21 May 03

You need to delete the shortcut and create new ones, to create a new shortcut go to Explorer look for the Program right click the Program's .exe file and drag to desktop start button or where ever, and create a new shortcut.

  robot 19:49 21 May 03

Thanks woodchip I will try this later.

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