C: > Documents & Settings folders ??!!

  ZEUSII 15:34 02 Oct 03

Hope someone can help. Under C: > DOCUMENTS & SETTINGS i have 8 folders : All Users, Default User, Personal Administrator account,Personal Limited account, Guest, Local Service, Network Service and Owner.
Simply, do I actually need all these folders?? I'm only using either the admin or limited accounts. I can see the need for the Owner or Default folders, should i be using the them instead??? Sorry if all this seems basic stuff but it's been bugging me for a while now.

Any help would be great, or a link to somewhere that explains what these folders do

Info: P4, 1.8g, 256k, XP (fat32)

  critic-al 15:47 02 Oct 03

Hi, my advise is leave them alone,if theres some of the folders empty they are not taking up any space on your hard drive,and they may be needed later on.

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