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  Mr "B" 20:17 09 May 06

Here's one to get you all thinking. When I use websites i.e BBC food there is an option where you can save a recipe into a recipe binder.

The problem is when i use Crap Cleaner to delete history etc it also deletes the saved recipes within this website. I have noticed that the C Cleaner has settings that you can choose to clean but which one do i untick from the settings so that i can keep the recipes. Any suggestions grateful - thanks.

  Jackcoms 20:23 09 May 06

Untick Temporary Internet Files. However, as it says at CCleaner's online FAQs:

"(Temporary Internet Files) can build up over time to consume a large amount of disk space and may potentially contain personal information".

  Mr "B" 20:29 09 May 06

So when you delete temporary internet files on C Cleaner does this remove more history than what it would when you go into the internet settings and delete history there?? I have not had this problem before when i used to delete it manually via the internet settings.

  VoG II 20:32 09 May 06

You probably need to save the site's cookie. I doubt that it is temporary internet files.

Why not try CleanUp! instead click here - click on Options and make sure Cookies is not ticked.

  Jackcoms 20:36 09 May 06

The History setting in CCleaner only removes what it says - the history of all sites you have visited during the last whatever period you have set in Internet Option; General; History.

It is not directly related to Temp Internet Files which are a record, saved to your hard disk, of the web pages and pictures from all the sites you've visited.

  Jackcoms 20:38 09 May 06

I also agree with VoG™.

It may be the Cookies option in CCleaner.

A bit of trial and error may be called for on your part! ;-)

  Mr "B" 20:39 09 May 06

I've just changed the cookie setting and it still deletes the files so that does not work. Any more suggestions would be grateful. Cheers.

  Jackcoms 20:52 09 May 06

"there is an option where you can save a recipe into a recipe binder."

Save the recipes into an off-line source such as Word.

  gudgulf 21:05 09 May 06

To stop CCleaner clearing the the recipe binder.

Open CCleaner and click on the "Applications" tab....look down the list to "Multimedia" and remove the tick from "Macromedia Flash player"

You will now find all your recipes where you left them in the binder after running CCleaner.

  Mr "B" 22:06 09 May 06

Thanks very much gudgulf, problem solved. Cheers.

  barryoneoff.co.uk 23:49 09 May 06

you should uncheck is 'Old prefetch data' apparently it can slow up up or screw up XP if you remove these files.

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