buzzing computer

  Jagdeep 09:38 18 Aug 06

Hi guys,

I'm not too sure of why my computer does this or where the sound is coming from but my computer appears to be making a buzzing noise. Could it be the fan, motherboard, graphics card, bios or the power supply? i have no idea. Has anybody come across any similar problems? When i turn the plug off at the socket then the noise goes away however if i leave the socket on and turn the power switch off at the back of the case the sound remains. I would appreciate any help I could get on this because the noise is driving me round the bend at night.

  johnnyrocker 09:42 18 Aug 06

sounds to me like a transformer in the psu is vibrating as the power switch off at the back of pc rules out anything past the psu.


  Jagdeep 14:53 18 Aug 06

So how do i fix it? is it just a replacement of the PSU and how much does it cost? I just bought the case with the PSU in it as well!!!! Not happy with that!!! Thanks for any reply much appreciated.

  ICF 14:59 18 Aug 06

Take it back or send it back to the shop you bought it from.

  DieSse 15:06 18 Aug 06

If it buzzes when the power is turned off at the back of the power supply, it can't be anything in the tower itself. To be honest the switch should normally be right next to the input plug (electrically as well as physically), so I would have thought that what you say is impossible. However if it's anything, then I can only see it being the PSU.

If it's new - take it back, as ICF says.

  DieSse 15:07 18 Aug 06

*it can't be anything in the tower itself.*

I mena in the way of fans, etc - yes I know the PSU is actually in the tower ;-))

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