buying vista

  djbenny 11:42 18 Jan 07

can it be bought from the usa and sent over to the uk

  chub_tor 11:49 18 Jan 07

Yes, but you will incur shipping charges and may also have duty and VAT to pay.

  birdface 11:55 18 Jan 07

From PCA,click here

  djbenny 12:04 18 Jan 07

when will it be released on there plus i wouldnt mind having the actual box and stuff...i would like a site from us which ships to the uk i tried amazon but they did not let you

  birdface 12:10 18 Jan 07

As far as I know it is going to be more expensive to buy it in the UK,Than anywhere else,Going with the Exchange rate it should be far cheaper buying it from U.S.A than buying it here,Like everything else it pays to shop around.

  birdface 12:12 18 Jan 07

I should have added if they are going to let you download it from the Internet,There should be no shipping or duty to pay on it.

  djbenny 12:14 18 Jan 07

will it be in us prices still on the site even if from the united ingdom and are they ging to let download it from the uk as they seem to stop a lot of stuff depending on the region your from

  spuds 12:18 18 Jan 07

Microsoft and importing from the USA can be a funny thing and possibly have hidden disadvantages. Cheapness via USA import may seem the bye word now,but you can bet your bottom dollar that Microsoft have this covered in their dealership arrangements.

Possibly best to wait, and see what happens when the UK market settles, and the product becomes more readily available.

  djbenny 12:22 18 Jan 07

ok, but on the marketplace there shouldnt be any limitations should there?

  spuds 14:15 18 Jan 07

limitations depend on Microsoft, the owner of the product.

  sunny staines 16:55 18 Jan 07

the majority of people are getting friends visiting the states to bring back copies, making the best of the poor dollar against the pound and avoiding rip off british prices.

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