buying second hand computer running windows xp

  thumbpeg 19:14 19 Mar 05

If I buy a second hand computer running windows xp will I be able to use it successfully with no documentation? thanks

  Diodorus Siculus 19:22 19 Mar 05

Hard to tell... without a licence there is no way of knowing its legitimacy...

  Fingees 19:30 19 Mar 05

It's Ok if you get it for the right price, and a CD of XP is supplied with it, together with the product key.
This is incase you need to re instal at any time, as XP has to be activated, if more than a certain number of hardware changes are made.
Plus you may have to re instal in case of a problem.. You'll need the disk for that

  g0slp 19:38 19 Mar 05

Make sure you get the XP CD

  thumbpeg 19:44 19 Mar 05

Hi, thanks everyone. I have seen the computer running and have seen several disks eg MSWorks. However I have not seen a Windows XP disk. It looks risky. Thanks again

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